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Sparkling lakes, rolling, green mountains, silky smooth chocolate, cookoo clocks, ancient villages, booming cities and more – Switzerland is as fascinating as it is beautiful. This dynamic country offers a taste of almost everything, from long-winded hikes around stunning Lake Geneva to chic city tours through Zurich’s hip neighborhoods. In Switzerland, sight-feeling is the new sightseeing. Experience Switzerland in all its glory and see every wonder—man-made or natural, savory or sweet, Alpine or urban—it has to offer.

Discover the Medieval side of Bern with a tour of the city’s fascinating old town, which sits on a hill adjacent to the picture-perfect Aare River. In addition to medieval architecture, Bern is also known for high-end shopping, gourmet cuisine, and a number of famous festivals, like the Gurtenfestival and Bern Jazz Festival.

Ski or snowboard in the crown jewel of Alpine towns, Zermatt, which has three interconnecting skiing zones surrounded by glacier-clad peaks and the mighty Matterhorn.

Get active! Strap on your hiking boots and traverse along the many trails weaving around the village of Grindewald. Or adjust your helmet and cycle the Panorama Bike route through Switzerland’s best known Alpine landscapes.

Wander the medieval streets of capital Bern, home to world-class modern art. Get lost in the bold architecture of Basel. Satisfy chocolate cravings or marvel in Europe’s largest lake in Geneva. Or get a taste of the good life in Zurich’s delicious array of rooftop bars and dynamite restaurants.

Sample and savor the culinary diversity of the country on a Grand Tour, which will take you through the vineyards of Brauqoill Appenzell; to farm stands and quaint country markets in Swiss Tavolata; to the famous cheese factory in the monastery of Engelberg; to the doorsteps of Zurich and Lake Geneva’s best five-star eateries; and so much more.

Explore the natural splendor and serenity of the mountain peaks in Grindelwald, home to dense and ancient forests, daisy-speckled streams, and rolling grasslands of every hue. Flanked by seven mountain peaks, this village is one of the best area’s for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking in the country. 

Go back in time with a visit to the Benedictine Convent of St. John at Mustair, a breathtaking monastery that has murals dating back to 800 AD, or uncover the 10 other UNESCO World Heritage Sites all over the country.

Experience the rich, earthy culture and traditions of the Swiss. Whether you spend your days learning the Alphorn or yodeling, sampling hearty, smoky cheese in Alpine villages, or flag-throwing with the farmers, you’ll find that the Swiss are excited to share their day-to-day lifestyles and beautiful culture.

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