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Experience the Dynamic Culture and Rich History of Cuba

The many colors of Cuba come to life through the eyes of the people: Cuban artists, musicians, architects, dancers, fishermen, farmers and even baseball players. Share in the customs and traditions of an island nation that’s been shrouded in mystery for 50 years via one-on-one conversations with the locals, demonstrations and exploration. From its beautifully adorned churches and vintage cars to world-renowned cigars and a lush, tropical climate, Cuba will transport you to a bygone era, waiting to be rediscovered.

What to Do in Cuba: Havana and Beyond

Cuba is truly an island of enchantment with fascinating museums, meticulously preserved colonial cities, white-sandy beaches, and cobbled streets filled with brightly assorted vintage cars and grandiose squares begging to be explored.

Visit Havana’s incredible Malecón, or seawall, which stretches five miles and is decorated with students, tourists and live musicians.

Get lost between the historic walls of the University of Havana, then wet your appetite with delicious Cuban sandwiches and succulent pork-filled empanadas from street food vendors.

Although much of Havana feels like a time warp, no place is a better representation of Cuba’s colorful heritage than the beautifully restored Plaza Vieja. Brightly painted and home to art museums, outdoor cafes and more, it’s one of the most popular squares in the city.

End your day with a visit to the incredible Morro Castle, which was built in 1762 to guard the entrance of Havana or with a tour ofFinca Vigía, Ernest Hemingway’s prized Cuban home.

Although Havana is certainly the shining star in Cuba for many tourists, there are many other cities, towns and attractions to visit. Take the bus to Baracoa and enjoy rich chocolate (one of the city’sbiggest exports) and take in the stunning views of El Yunquemountain. For an invigorating hike, climb Pico Turqino’s stark 1,226 miles or enjoy a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun on Varadero,Cuba’s most illustrious resort town with more than 3,000 miles of sparkling coastline.

There's so much to uncover, taste, and experience in Cuba – get there while it's still unchartered.

People to People Programs

Due to Cuba’s strict tourist regulations, the only way to visit this country is through people to-people educational exchange programs. People-to-People interactions allow you to share your culture and ideas with the local Cuban people while learning about theirs. During these daily interactions, you’ll get the chance to meet with local residents who will deliver insight into the past, present, and future. Through open-minded conversations and a respectful exchange of ideas with the Cuban people, you'll experience the trip of a lifetime during the educational, cultural, and personal encounters that await you.

What to Know Before You Go

Unlike many other Caribbean islands, Cuba requires more planning and authorization. To ensure your trip is as seamless as possible, prepare your travel documents months in advance, using this checklist as a guide.

  • Necessary Pre-Trip Documentation A Passport (valid for at least six months after the scheduled return date)
  • A Visa. This can be obtained when booking a People-to-People tour. Most tour agencies, like Globus, will include the visa cost in the price of the program and will handle the logistics of receiving one.

There are many tour groups, like our preferred supplier Globus, who offer unique Cuba vacations. Check out these fascinating tours that will immerse you in the Cuba’s incredible history.

  • Eastern Cuba’s Hidden Gems (9-day tour from Miami to Miami)

  • Cuba by Land & Sea (10-day tour from Miami to Miami)

  • Cuba’s Charming Colonial Cities & Havana (9-day Tour from Miami to Miami)

  • Grand Cuba from Coast to Coast (17-day tour from Miami to Miami)

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