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One of the most captivating destinations in the world, Brazil is truly a land of dynamic contrasts from the vibrant bustling cities to verdant rainforests or the sexiest beaches of Rio to UNESCO World Heritage waterfalls. It’s a place whose culture is as rich as the land, with a melting pot of traditions, heritage and religion. It offers big adventures for all budgets and provides countless ways to experience the natural and urban beauty. Whether you’re going for the Carnival or just for a holiday, you’ll quickly see why so many #LoveBrazil.


Nothing is more Brazilian than the beaches of Rio. Urbanized and preserved, they perfectly represent the locals and their joy.

Get a taste of adventure with a hike or mountain bike climb through the hills and peaks of Serra da Canastra. Afterwards, relax with a bath in the thundering waterfalls that flank the trails. 

Discover the breathtaking assortment of reefs and natural pools in the historic Recife de Fora Municipal Marine Park, which boasts an incredible collection of underwater life.

Visit the astonishing 365 churches in the capital city of Salvador, which were introduced and built by the Portuguese when they settled. 

Take a kayak tour through the wet, flooded Amazon forest and watch the wildlife come to you, ranging from Toucans to howler monkeys. 

Get ready for the party of a lifetime with a vacation during the world renown Carnival, which takes place every February. Watch parades storm through the country’s cities and towns with blasting samba music, dazzling costumes and parties that last until the sunrise. 

Watch the sunset over Christ the Redeemer, Rio’s most iconic landmark. You can hike or tour the area surrounding the statue, which also gives you panoramic views of the sprawling city and coastline. 

Take in the natural wonders of Iguazu National Park, home to the famous and powerful Iguazu waterfalls. The park offers ample ways to enjoy the sights, from boat tours and off-roading adventures to helicopter flights that take you soaring above the park. 

Get a taste of authentic Brazilian cuisine all across the country. Don’t leave without sampling the barbecued meat often served in skewers from street vendors; moqueca, a savory and sweet fish stew; a cachaça cocktail made from fermented sugarcane; fried hand pies filled with melting cheese or beef; and Quindim, a sweet yellow dessert made from just eggs, sugar and coconut. 

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