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Why Australia?

Discover the experiences, places, and journeys that make Australia one of the most desired holiday destinations in the world. With its cosmopolitan cities, rich indigenous culture, spellbinding coastlines, revered food and wine, the Australian outback, untouched nature and wildlife, and plenty of options for travelling within the great country, you’ll soon realize that you may need more time than expected to get to know Australia.

What to Do:

Explore Australia’s Aboriginal experiences.

Traverse the Outback in a jeep tour.

Shop local at Melbourne’s amazing Queen Victoria Markets.

Sip grapes from Victoria’s famed Yarra Valley, home to over 80 wineries.

Take a moment to appreciate the sacred rock formations of Uluru.

Catch a game of Australian Rules football.

Have an award-winning meal in the middle of nowhere at the Sounds of Silence Restaurant.

Explore hundreds of dreamy islands on the Great Barrier Reef.

Set up a beach towel on some of Queensland’s more than 35 miles of pristine coastline.

Experience Australia’s biodiversity firsthand on a caravan or camping trip.

Play golf in some of the most scenic and varied landscapes in the world.

Take a bike around Brisbane.

Enjoy a mouth-watering steak in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia’s beef capitol.

Fun Facts:
  • Didgeridoos, the classic Australian instrument, were traditionally made by burying a eucalyptus branch near a termite mound and waiting for the bugs to hollow it out.
  • The refrigerator was invented in Australia by James Harrison
  • Australia’s unique colloquial language was coined ‘strine’ by linguist Alastair Morrison in 1966.
  • Large numbers of convicts were transported to Australia during the late 18th and 19th centuries.
  • The world’s first feature film was the 1906 Australian film The Story of the Kelly Gang.

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